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14 Killed, 50 Wounded At Dark Knight Rises Screening

A heavily armored man with several fire-arms and cannisters of gas opened fire at a midnight screening for The Dark Knight Rises in a shopping mall theatre located in Aurora, Colorado. Fourteen people are currently reported dead with fifty or more wounded from the attack. The youngest victim was a six year old girl.

Here is an excerpt from CNN’s post on the event.

Chaos broke out during the showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” at the Century Aurora 16 theater when the shooting began, police and witnesses said.

Witnesses told KUSA that the gunman kicked in an emergency exit door and threw a smoke bomb into the darkened theater before opening fire.

One movie-goer, who was not identified, told KUSA the gunman was wearing a gas mask.

Some people in the audience thought the thick smoke and gunfire was a special effect accompanying the movie, police and witnesses said.

“We just heard a pop, pop, pop, pop,” said Quentin Caldwell, who was attending the Batman showing in an adjacent theater.

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One Comment on “14 Killed, 50 Wounded At Dark Knight Rises Screening”

  1. Alison May 6, 2013 at 7:30 AM #

    Crazy people. How to kill a mall? How to kill people? Irresponsible.

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